Repair and Sale of diesel generators

Our company Big ONE, s.r.o provides full-service of subsitute delivery of electric power by diesel generators / mobile power plants.


Repair of diesel generators and gensets

  • We offer repairs of your backup power supply ( both planned and unforeseen )
  • We will take care of yearly or recommended maintenance after every 400-500 eH ( engine hours )
  • We will supply the necessary filters and fluids for your genset
  • We will come to you to repair / maintain your machine anywhere in Slovakia
  • We keep track of all the filters, fluids and spare parts of your machine
Place your diesel generator into our professional hands...

Diesel generators and mobile power plants for sale

  • Wider range of the best European brands
  • Gasoline, gas, but mainly diesel fuels.
  • Diesel generators of European 50Hz and American 60Hz velocity. 
  • We will help you decide if short-term / long-term rent or a purchase of an electric generator is the better choice.
  • Two year long warranty, and after warranty service


Brands of our diesel generators and mobile power plants


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