Planned or unforeseen electric power outage

Our company Big ONE, s.r.o provides full service of substitute supply of electric power with diesel generators / mobile power plants in the event of planned or unforeseen electric power outage.

Planned or unforeseen

Electric power outage

  • We will help you to choose the ideal diesel generator with sufficient power
  • We will propose the optimal solution
  • Economic approach to every client
  • Delivery of diesel generator / mobile power plant with enough time to spare
  • Professional installation of the diesel generator to your delivery point.
  • Based on need we will take care of refilling fuel

We will solve even seemingly unsolvable problems

NON-STOP Availability 24/7

  • we will deliver the diesel generator / mobile power plant anywhere and anytime from 2 hours after reporting a problem
  • we offer you NON-STOP service for emergencies
  • necessary equipment is included in the delivery of diesel generator / mobile power plant
  • we will install the diesel generator / mobile power plant to your delivery point
  • we guarantee professional technical operation

From now one you may enjoy good-night sleep and let us worry about your problems.

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