Company Big ONE, s.r.o.

We have the state-of-the-art fleet of diesel generators / power generators with power range from 3kW to 1000kW. All units are equipped with parallel communication (PARALLEL), so we can connect up to 32 times of their nominal output power. They very easily deal with forward and backward synchronization (SYNCHRO) with a fixed network.

The connection (TWIN) with our diesel generators / power generators is 100% guarantee of troublefree power supply during live TV broadcasting, music or film production.

Diesel generators / power generators are also equipped with automac start switchboards (ATS), so they can be also used for long-term back-up of your company and, if necessary, or during power failure, a power supply from your diesel generator / power generator is immediately available.

Big ONE, s.r.o operates in areas such as:
Energetics, building industry, industry, business centers, music and sporting events and more.

We provide you a diesel / power generator including complex services.

  • Delivery to the place of destination and disposal
  • Cable wiring according to your requirements (necessary cabling and distributors)
  • Professional installation and uninstallation
  • Technical service throughout operation
  • Refueling during power / diesel generator operation
  • Emergency service 24/7